Goldstein Electronic Classroom: The Goldstein Electronic Classroom is Room 114 in Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center.

Directions: Enter Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center and head left into the Kamin Gallery. Goldstein will be on your right, immediately before you enter the Weigle Information Commons.

Physical set-up: 8 two-person movable desks, 16 rolling chairs with storage, 1 height-adjustable instructor station and chair, and whiteboard walls around the front perimeter of the room. The room capacity is 17.

Technology: There are 16 PC computers, two at each table. There is one dual-monitor instructor PC, which connects to 2 ceiling projectors for options of displaying a single monitor, a dual extended monitor, or dual separate monitors. A VGA cable and HDMI cable for connecting laptops to the projector are attached to the instructor's PC. The room has a wall panel for controlling the instructor station projection display options.

New to Goldstein?  Please schedule an appointment for training and orientation before you make your first reservation.

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