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SIMS has recently started hosting an installation of Digital Mappa (DM). As described on the project website (https://www.digitalmappa.org/), DM is "an open-source digital humanities platform for open-access workspaces, projects and publications." Next  Wednesday, January 20th at 3pm, I'll be hosting a Zoom workshop about DM for anyone at Penn who is interested in learning more about DM and what it can be used for. DM has potential use in the classroom, for individual and group projects; please share this announcement with faculty and staff who might be interested. 

The SIMS installation is at https://sims2.digitalmappa.org/, you can go there now to look at public projects we host and to register for your own account ahead of next Wednesday's meeting (if you register please email me, dorp@upenn.edu, to let me know so I can approve your request). At the workshop I'll talk about how DM was developed, and share my screen while I show you how to start a project, import images, and create links between images and text. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Digital Pedagogy, Research Methods
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Dot Porter

Digital Mappa (DM) Workshop