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Co-sponsored by the Museum Library and the Penn Museum Graduate Advisory Council

Join us for a three-part series where you will learn how to craft and publish a book or exhibition review! Reviews are excellent ways to deep dive into material, build your academic C.V.s, and dip your toes into publishing! This three-part series is designed for students to have a deliverable book review at the end that is ready to submit to journals in the spring of 2022.

Part 1: Reviewing Your Options

Hear from a panel of experts comprised of graduate students who have written reviews and a reviews editor who can offer guidance and feedback about the review process. Topics covered will include how to find books or exhibits to review, to narrow down appropriate journals, how to craft introductory emails to editors, how to construct a compelling review, and what to expect about the timeline of the process.

This workshop will be followed by Part 2: Writing Bootcamp on January 13 and Part 3: Roundtable Workshop on February 17.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Museum Library level 1
Museum Library
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Deb Stewart