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Faced with hundreds of publication platforms and outlets in their discipline, how does a researcher choose the most effective outlet for their work? The dramatic expansion of Open Access publishing in the past 20 years has given authors more choices, but also allowed the emergence of thousands of low-quality online-only "pay-to-publish" journals, sometimes termed "predatory" that promise rapid turnaround and guaranteed publcation at costs significantly lower than open access from established publishers.

In this presentation, participants will explore the predatory publication concept discuss resources and approaches to identifying reputable open access journals in order to meet their publication goals. 

  • Learn to recognize predatory or low quality journals
  • Have the tools to avoid opportunistic invitations to work with low quality or predatory journals and conferences
  • Identify reputable open access journals to meet your publication goals

Spring 2022 Publishing Workshops


This workshop is part of a series  hosted by the Libraries in collaboration with the Grad Center at Penn. Each workshop focuses on an element of the publishing process. From February to April, tune in to live virtual sessions covering citation management, impact metrics, promoting your work, selecting the right publishing venue, fair use, and more. Find the full suite of publishing workshops online and register to attend.


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Thursday, April 14, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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